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Hachiman Hikigaya said:[edit | edit source]
"There is a history to humans. Humans are shaped by the experience obtained from living as time continued to wind and wind. To be reborn meant being rid of that history; complete annihilation. However, that just wasn’t possible in reality. That’s why the only thing you could do was to continue living on, bearing the scars on your body and holding the weight of the sins on your back, without wishing for reincarnation."[edit | edit source]
"One ought to experience loneliness at least once or twice in life. No, you have to experience it. The idea of being chained to another person without reprieve is far more abnormal and disquieting. One has no choice but to learn about loneliness. I’m sure some things can’t be experienced without it."[edit | edit source]
"If there are things you learn with friends, there must also be things you learn without friends. They must be of equal worth, two sides of the same coin."[edit | edit source]
"What the hell is with everyone telling me to change? I don't want other people telling me who I am."[edit | edit source]
"Huh? What are you, retarded? I'm super thoughtful. That's why I stay in the corner and don't cause anyone trouble."[edit | edit source]
"So, yeah. Strong animals don’t gather in herds or anything like that. Do they not know the expression “a lone wolf”? Cats are cute and wolves are cool. In other words, loners are cute and cool."[edit | edit source]
"There's probably no one who's more of a realist than the unpopular loner. I have lived my life with the Three Nevers of the Unpopular: Never to hold (hope), Never to open (your heart), and Never to treasure (sweet words)."[edit | edit source]

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