Katie Wilson is a presenter, reporter, researcher, and former model.

Early LifeEdit

Katie Wilson was born on August 16th 1990

Her parents, David Wilson and Catherine Wilson, were also presenters.

She was childhood friends with Emily Strathen and Lottie Strathen.


Katie Wilson began her career working backstage with Pink Magazine as a researcher, finding information and bringing it to the magazine to sell. She later moved on to being a news reporter with Heffalump News for two years. After seeing her on the news she was hired by Music News who believed she could make a good presenter.

Her career was most successful in 2009. She was given certain celebrities to focus on, including Sally Wilson, April Sandford, Marie Moone, Clucky, Grass, and the Magic Girls main cast. As well as this she was a presenter and reporter on the main news show.

She became well known for chasing Sally Wilson in excitement when she saw her and being glad when she was able to touch her. She then went into a panic when Sally began coughing, believing that she was dying, when she wasn't. She was later given the chance to report a story on Cherry Soda and her parents and became well known for filming the story by herself as she had seen them while off work.

Katie will return to her presenting career with Music News in July 2013.


In 2010 Katie Wilson didn't turn up for work at Music News to present the morning news.

She was later reported missing, the story by her friend and co-worker Samantha Kowalski, who said that she was extremely worried about her. She said Katie had never been the same since people found her video of Cherry Soda and her parents funny and the incident with Sally Wilson.

She was confirmed as officially missing later. Her family said they believed that she may have ran away to Indaseesta as she used to find it beautiful when they visited.

In January 2013 she sent a video to Music News to show.

In the video she is in a dark room and has crazy eyes. She is unshaven and has grown a beard in the video.

Music News showed a still picture from the video but didn't show the video as it was too graphic and upsetting for young viewers. However they confirmed that her location was Indaseesta and her parents had went to pick her up. In the video it was confirmed that two goats came to sit next to her and she spoke to them as Barney and Bessie, before introducing them as her children.

She was brought back home in late January 2013 but her whereabouts were kept a secret.

In June 2013 she finally appeared in public, with no beard, and looking healthy.

Personal LifeEdit

She was born in HL America but her parents were from HL Ireland.

In June 2013 she did her first interview since dissapearing in 2010.

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